Do You Know Where Your Ideal Clients Are?

Written by admin on May 25, 2011 – 6:48 am -

When I was kid there used to be a commercial that would air every night that asked the question “It’s 10 P.M. do you know where your children are?

I was thinking about that commercial recently and it got me thinking about your clients and customers.

Do we know where they are? More specifically do we know where the ideal ones are?

When I say I ideal, I’m talking about the people you absolutely love to work with.

In my opinion these are the characteristics of an ideal client: Read more »

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Negotiating For Photographers 101: How To Go From a Lose-Lose To A Win-Win Everytime

Written by admin on May 4, 2011 – 7:00 am -


Secure Your Ticket By Clicking On The Image Above

Let’s speak candidly for a moment. Are you tired of struggling to find new prospects and then struggling to get them to become paying clients?

When you ask a prospective client about their budget for a job you’re bidding on do you often hear the following statements, We don’t have one” or “We don’t have a lot of money” or the always frustrating, “Oh, I have a brother or a friend whose just graduated from art school, maybe I’ll get them to shoot it for their portfolio”.

Let me ask you another question? How do you respond? Read more »

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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Collaboration On Your Bottom Line!

Written by admin on March 2, 2011 – 5:29 pm -

Wow what a difference seven days makes. Since we last connected I’ve experience quite a few changes in my business, more specifically around my new book.

For starters I experienced my first interview where I was the ‘interviewee’ instead of the interviewer. In case you missed it, I was a guest on the internet radio program ‘Social Media with Nan Ross’

Nan was a gracious host and considering the seriousness of the topic selected we managed to have quite a bit fun as you’ll hear when you listen the replay.

I shared with the audience why so many new freelance business owners struggle needlessly in the first 12 months of operation. I shared three common reasons why this happens and of course I revealed three remedies to turn the odds in your favor.

Click here to listen to the replay of our discussion, I promise you’ll find some very powerful tips that will help you make immediate shifts in how you work with clients.


I was reminded several times this week about the power of collaboration.

It has been my contention since I started the Photo-Marketing-Mentor blog that the fastest path to cash flow in your business is through relationship building and sharing resources. If you focus on those two things with care and consistency you can’t help but succeed.

One such recent collaboration happened while I was hanging out on Twitter recently. I noticed a tweet on my followers feeds by photographer, professional blogger and now publisher Cris Mitchell. You can find him on Twitter

Cris and I connected when I first started the Photo Marketing Mentor blog over two years ago, but we lost touch over time. As a matter of fact I hadn’t spoken to him directly in about a year. But recently he continued to pop into my mind so when I saw him on Twitter I thought “Why not reach out and reconnect?”

Figuring the present moment was as good a time as any I sent over a message and within 20 minutes we started chatting.

I share this bit of information with you to illustrate how powerful trusting your intuition and maintaining relationships (especially those on social media) can be to your business. In a moment you’ll see just how powerful so keep reading.


For starters Cris is an awesome guy, he produces Pro Photo Resource an amazing blog for professional photographers. On the blog you’ll find everything from camera buying tips to the latest news and information on software, printers, editing techniques and so much more.

Cris works his tail off to provide timely content that not only affects the way pro photographers manage work flow and execute assignments but how they run their businesses.

Don’t miss his recent blog article on how one photographer is using his talents on the ground in Haiti to help underfunded organizations raise needed funds to assist those most in immediate need.  Please do give it read it a read if for the nothing more than to view the arresting photography.

Recently Cris launched a publishing division of his company called Pro Photo Publishing. As of this week Pro Photo Publishing offers 14 titles including yours truly. Yes, I’m very pleased to announce that Cris recently added my book to his growing roster of titles exposed to an audience of almost 10,000 pro and semi pro photographers world-wide!

As of last evening he informed me that sales are brisk and holding steady. Needless to say I was very please to hear this. If you would to learn more about the entire library of titles click here to visit his site.


While I’m on the subject of collaboration I have another powerful one in the works with new colleague and fellow Pro Photo Published author Zach Prez.

Zach is the author of a fantastic new book the Photography Web Marketing Guide: 4 Essential Areas To Grow Customers Online. As a matter of fact our books compliment each other perfectly which is why we have decided to collaborate on a couple of upcoming projects the first being a brand new tele-training launching in just a few days.

If you own a blog or website that ranks low or non existent in the search engines.

Or if you experiencing consistent traffic but you’re not converting that traffic to new clients and customers this will be a a tele-training you don’t want to miss.

If this sounds like you you’ll definitely want to clear your calendar and listen to this exciting new interview I’m doing with Search Engine Optimization Expert for Photographers Zach Prez.

Keep a eye open for an email from me tomorrow with the details (date/time/place) for How To Get More Photography Clients Online my new tele-training with Zach Prez

PS: If you’ve been in the fence about picking up my new book you don’t want to miss this new tele-training. I will be announcing a something that will make your decision a no-brainer.

Have a productive week and we’ll be re-connecting soon.

All the best, Rodney

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Eye On Marketing [Book Update] Your Input Matters

Written by admin on June 21, 2010 – 1:31 pm -

If you’ve been following me for any length of time now you may have heard that I’m working on a new book:

Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle And Confusion To Clarity & Profits (click on the new cover!!)

So I’m almost finished, I’m literally less than three weeks away from publishing. But I could really use your help with something.

I really want this book to be a tool and resource that you can really use, not just another book that collects dust on the shelf.

So I’m writing this post today to ask you for a simple favor.

All I need is for you to answer three simple questions, here goes:

1. Tell me your biggest problem, concern or frustration you’re currently experiencing in your business.

2.  Tell me what you need most right now that would help you either find more paying clients or secure more print sales.

3. What is your photographic speciality, is it commercial, portrait, fine art etc?

Plus+ One final question, would you be interesting in learning how you could receive a scholarship private coaching session?

So if you could please take a few moments and type your responses in the comments field below -or- if you prefer you can email me privately and tell me your most pressing problem, concern or issue you’re currently experiencing with your photography business.

Your questions could be about anything, pricing, find new clients, motivation issues, navigating social media, creating a client attractive website whatever.

For taking time out of your busy day to respond to this post I want to offer you a couple of bonus gifts as a thank you for your time. Hint: One of them is based on one of my most popular programs. (So make sure you provide me with your correct email address and I send those bonuses out to you right away:-)

So again I want to thank you for your feedback and I look to hearing from you.

Cheers! Rodney

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Email Marketing Strategies For Artists That Actually Work

Written by admin on May 11, 2010 – 8:23 pm -

There are some people out there who believe that email marketing is dead. I’ll tell you from personal experience that is far from the case.

I do agree email open rates are on the decline. Let’s look at your inbox for an example, how many emails do you receive in a typically day? Now think about how many of those emails you actually opened. Of those emails you opened who were they from? Typically but not always the first emails you open are from the people you already know, right?

So assuming that you’ve done a decent job of communicating with your list the chances of crafting emails that are continually opened and read dramatically increase. Even if you haven’t achieved this up to this point, with the information in this article you are now armed with resources to turn that around.

In this article I want to share with you 3 tips that will practically guarantee that your emails are opened, read, received and responded too.

1. Craft an attention grabbing subject line. Think about it, the first thing your subscriber reads is the subject heading. It has to say more than “You who? It’s me sending you another email!” When you sit down to write your next email think about what action you want your reader to take via a step-by-step sequence.

Let’s say for example that you are emailing your list because you wish to announce a new gallery show and you want to invite subscribers to RSVP their attendance. That’s your desired outcome.
A headline that would arouse attention could be, “I can’t believe it finally happened!” Or “I was surprised by what they selected”. Now think about these two headlines for a moment. If I was on your list and I received an email from you that used either of these headlines, your chances of my opening that email has drastically increased. Why? Because you’ve peeked my curiosity, either one of these headlines would make me click because I want to know the answer. “What finally happened?” “What did they select?” Can you see how this works?

These headlines are a lot more interesting than New Gallery Show Coming, Please RSVP.

2. Know the next step. Okay now that your email has been opened what you say next will determine how much further your reader will go. Knowing the next step you want the reader to take will make writing your copy much easier. In the case of our artist he/she desires for readers to attend their show and secure a list of RSVP’s.

So the first sentence of your email should complete the statement you started in your subject header. For example for our subject header, “I can’t believe it finally happened! The opening sentence could read – XYZ gallery has just selected images from my new series on ____?” Do you see how I did that?

I wrote my first sentence to complete the statement I posed in subject header of my email. I told the reader the what and the who. Easy right? Now in the copy that follows I could speak more about the series, the images that the gallery picked etc. Finally I want to direct my reader to the final step.

3. Provide a call to action. You always want your email to result in an action taken by the reader. So if your goal were to secure RSVPS’ for your gallery show then you would place a clickable and track able link to a page where (in this case) the reader can submit their rsvp. Notice that I said clickable and track able. In order for email marketing to work to your benefit you need to know the affects your messages have on the reader. Most email management services like Constant Contact or 1ShoppingCart for example will provide you with stats on your click through rate.

The best way to do this is to test your emails by evaluating the results and make adjustments based on the results you receive. What do I mean by test? First, construct the email, send it, and evaluate your results i.e. check your stats. What are you looking for?

• How many times was the email opened?
• How many readers clicked on the link embedded in the email?
• Did you receive the results you sought?

Once you get a formula down for creating responsive emails your golden. A winning formula consists of skill, patience, testing, adjusting and re-launching.

© Rodney Washington, 2010-2011

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Photo Assisting Expert Tim Olsen Joins Me On BTR – May 20th 2010

Written by admin on May 8, 2010 – 7:03 pm -

Breaking Into Photo Assisting 101: 10 Steps From Searching To Working w/Tim Olsen of

For many aspiring photographers getting a job assisting an established pro photographer is the first step towards making that dream a reality. For some, assisting has become their main source of income.  And many photographers choose to continue assisting for the duration of their careers while continuing to shoot their own personal projects on the side.

Regardless as to whether you want to use assisting as a stepping stone to your own studio or you just a want earn some extra money while building your book there are definite pitfalls and shortcuts that you’ll need to be aware of.  If this sounds like you and you’re ready to learn how to break into the world of professional photo assisting from a pro whose been there then you’ll certainly want to join me and my guest Tim Olsen.

Tim publishes one of the few blogs exclusively devoted to the subject at:

You should be able to access the broadcast on the day of the show using the player below.  But just in case it doesn’t work go to this link – and it will take you to the show page directly.  Remember May 20th @ 1 p.m. PST. (Due to a scheduling conflict the date for this show has been changed to Thursday May 20th)

If you have questions you’d like me to direct to Tim please leave them in the comments field below.

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What Makes You Come Alive?

Written by admin on March 15, 2010 – 7:28 pm -

One of my favorite quotes by Howard Thurman reads. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” So I ask you, what makes you come alive?

Perhaps you loved children so you decided to shoot portraits of babies and families. Perhaps you love being out in nature so landscapes makes your heart dance, or the physical body holds fascination for you so you photograph fine art nudes.  Whatever your passion when it comes to turning that into a viable business often times we become stumped and sometimes over time we start to lose interest.

So in this article I want to share with you 3 ways to reawaken your heart felt passion that you’ve might have placed on the back burner.

1. Find groups that share your interest. You can do a search on the internet, there you will find scores of blogs and websites what bring communities of like minded people together.  When you locate these sources spend some time there, find out what the conversation is and chime in.  Not from the prospective of “I have photos, please buy from me”, but from the prospective of sharing your passion for the same subject.  In your signature you can post your web address and how people can contact you for more information.

2.  Meet  1-on-1. The internet is great for initial connections but where you really get benefit is if you can meet and connect with like minded people face-to-face. Locate groups, committees, organizations, clubs, schools etc where people get together to share their mutual passion for the subject you love to photograph.  An ideal group will allow or be open to member presentations.  This is great way to share your passion for the subject and do some potentially profitable networking.

3.  Locate print publications where you can contribute.  On way to do this is to make a visit to your neighborhood bookstore and scour the magazine section.  But don’t just look at the magazine and jump straight to the mast head, get intimate with the publication, read the articles, get a feel for the layout, the style of writing, the type of imagery.  Also don’t overlook at the ads in the back,  perhaps you could promote your services there. For example, perhaps a cooking magazine may be interested in your food images or if you have a blog featuring your food images to advertise it there, finally you could send a query to the editor and pitch a story.

Bonus Tip: Look for collaborators. In the case of a food photographer, look for food writers, food bloggers, food trade shows, you get the idea.  A food writer need images to match their stories, same with a blogger.  Trade shows feature vendors who need work shot of their product.  Bottom line.  Think outside of the box!

If you have trouble finding appropriate titles at your local newsstands or you desire to see a complete listing of all titles in your category you can visit your local library and ask for a copy of Standard Rate and Data.  SRD is a directory similar to the encyclopedia for commercial print publications as well as other media outlets like radio, tv/cable and newspapers.  There will you not only find the names of publications not typically carried on commercial newsstands but should you choose to advertise you will have the rates as well current contact info of the principals of the company.

Of course as with many print publications you can also access this information on the internet.  So if the library is not accessible you can access this information online.

You can do so by visiting the website at SRDS Media Solutions and clicking on the department that you want to research or database you wish to access.

My final recommendation is to get outside of your four walls and go out to get some fresh air, being cooped up at your computer all day isn’t good for anyone.  Sometimes merely being around people and talking about what you love will give you an idea or spark that could be turned into a new project that arouses new interest in your passion.

We all need a pick me up from time to time and remember from the quote: “the world needs is people who have come alive”.  Energy is contagious, go create some.

(c) Rodney Washington, The Photo Marketing Mentor, If you need help implementing new strategies into your business including locating and contacting new prospects contact me, I can be your Strategic Partner. For more specialized assistance visit my blog to learn more about my Done 4 You Marketing services program. Also visit my website @ and sign up for my client attraction starter kit.  It’s FREE and will give you plenty of resources to steer you in the right direction.

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4 Ways to Get Out of Marketing Overwhelm and Become More Productive

Written by admin on March 8, 2010 – 11:25 pm -

It is not uncommon to become overwhelmed especially in the current state of our society where we have more gadgets and commitments vying for our attention.

In today’s article I will share with you my 4 tips to help you get out of overwhelm and back to productivity. Remember, where productivity lives, profitability soon follows.
So lets get started with my 4 tips to take control back in your business.

1. Make a plan for where you want to go. Let’s say for example you want to get 3 new clients this week. Okay so let’s say to make that happen you need to have 20 points of contact to find those 3 new clients. I’m using 20 because it’s a nice round number you may need more, but let’s say it’s 20.

Okay, so the next question or series of questions becomes who, where and how am I going to contact 20 new people? Make a list, it can names with telephone numbers, email addresses, twitter addresses, Facebook profiles, Linked In profiles etc. Just get your list together of 20 points of contact and contact them. That’s your plan; okay this moves us on to tip #2.

2. Once you have your plan in place, follow it. I know this sounds obvious but I’ll tell you not following a plan is where most people trip up. Allow me to illustrate. Remember our 20 points of contact from tip #1? Okay, so you have your list and let’s say you get to about 10 of the names on your list but now you find that you’re not getting the results you hoped.

And to make matters worse you’re now distracted because the telephone rings with a non-business related call, or you get the sudden urge to go out for a latte (when you have coffee at home)? Or while twittering you get caught up in a lively debate about Tiger Woods character, do you get where I am going? So if you find yourself in this predicament how do you get control back? Simple, Focus!

Lack of focus is the bane of the self-employed. So once you make your plan, get into action immediately, and make a commitment to not do anything outside of the task you set for yourself (emergencies aside of course) Let’s move on to tip number #3.

3. Track your results. This is key and the reason why is because when you can see your results and track your progress in black and white you’re fueled to continue. This will motivate you when you get stuck or feel like giving up. Another benefit to tracking is it allows you to go back and look at what worked and what you should pass on in the future.

This exercise alone will save you scores of time while greatly increasing your productivity by 40 percent or more. Try it, it works. Okay let’s move on to tip #4.

4. Rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat. This is another area where you can become easily overwhelmed but you won’t experience this problem because you have tracking system in place from step #3, right? From this point moving forward with a results based workable plan in place there will be no need to reinvent the wheel. If it’s working just keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore.

And there you have it, my four-point plan for over coming overwhelm and increasing productivity.

If you’re ready to delve even deeper into developing a customized marketing plan for your business that will help set clear goals and doable actions I believe I can be of help.

Visit my website today to learn more about my various programs designed for creative professionals.

Are you an entrepreneurial minded photographer? Would you like to learn how to Attract More Clients & GROW your business in the next 12 months? Guaranteed!

To find out how I’d like to offer you my Client Attraction Starter Kit that includes: a 5-part mini audio course, “5 Secrets To Attract More Clients & Grow Your Photography Business!” Plus a complimentary subscription to my bi-weekly ezine “Eye On Marketing”. You can claim your FREE Client Attraction Starter Kit by visiting:
Photo Marketing

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New Article: How to Survive When Your Photography Business is Struggling?

Written by admin on February 18, 2010 – 10:28 am -

Realize That You Have Cash Sitting On Your Hard Drive    – If you’ve been shooting for anything length of time it’s probably safe to assume that you have an extensive library of images on your hard drive just sitting there collecting virtual dust. Now is the time to go through work, print samples and breathe new life into your library.

Offer them on your website for sale -or- contact a small local gallery or perhaps even a coffee shop. Anyway you can get your work in front of eyes can be great way to raise your visibility. The benefits can range from direct print sales all the way to private commissions.

Expand Your Reach By Marketing Online As Well As Off – If you’re stuck on print marketing i.e. taking ads in physical publications or direct mail perhaps it’s time to start marketing your services online. Today we have so many options for getting the word out about our services from personal blogs to social media networking websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter just to name a few. I urge you not to dismiss these tools as the domain of high school kids, trust me when I say that major business is being conducted via these sites.

I’m personally constructing educational programs for photographers and making deals with prospects that I’ve never physically met. Get online and expand your reach, it’s practically free and the benefits can be business transformational.

Adopt An Attitude of Bold-Thinking – When times are tight financially our natural inclination is tighten our purse strings, understandably. And while you don’t want to be fool hardly with your spending you don’t want to be stingy in your thinking. (What I mean is that now is time to adopt an out-of-the-box attitude, don’t automatically assume that you have “spend” more money.

Think how can I make better investments? Sometimes your investment will require a financial commitment, but in my experience I’ve found that some of the most powerful investments you can make are in “Relationships”. (So now is the time to think bolder, resist retreat and encourage reaching out. Contact individuals that you can create joint ventures with. These relationships can be other businesses that can use your images, or photographic expertise to promote their services and vice versa.

For example, a small hotel or resort may be interested in promoting a weekend photo workshop, especially if you can bring in new customers for them. Going back to the first point I made in this article about cash on your hard drive, see if you have images that you could print and offer for sale in local boutique or shop. I recently brokered a deal like this for a client and it was great opportunity for both the photographer and the shop owner.

Finally, don’t allow today’s challenging economic climate to knock the wind out of your business. Use this opportunity to think bigger. Money likes speed, don’t wait; get started today. Create a list of potential joint venture partners and see how you create an offer that combines what you love to shoot as a photographer with businesses that need to bring in new customers.

And now I’d like to invite you to get instant access to my free Client Attraction Starter Package that includes my 5-part training audio course and special report: 5 Secrets To Attracting More Clients & Grow Your Photography Business.  You can pick this course and several other valuable bonuses when you visit:

You’ll receive tips, tools, techniques and strategies to help you either get your photography business off the ground -or- increase your existing business by opening new markets today!

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New Video: 3 Ways To Create Content Easily For Your Photography Blog

Written by admin on February 16, 2010 – 8:14 pm -

Welcome to my new video training series for professional photographers who want to attract more clients and grow their photography business. I will be offering new video lessons (about 20 in all) on a weekly basis, but if you would like to receive them more frequently you can do so when you sign-up to receive my new Client Attraction Starter Package program.

The Client Attraction Starter Package includes:
– My 5-Part audio training on client attraction and online marketing
– Also includes a “never been released” training seminar on Building Your Photography Business w/Referrals
– Finally you’ll receive a subscription to my ezine “Eye On Marketing” that will provide you with even more tips and training to help you Attract More Clients & Grow Your Photography Business.

To enroll in this package visit my website at – or you enter your first name and email address in the fields provided on the upper right hand corner of this blog.  Once you confirm the first lesson will be rushed right out to you.

If you’re ready for even more laser focused 1-on-1 training, I highly recommend my Photo Marketing Biz Blueprint Strategy Program, where you and I will spend some very valuable concentrated one-on-one time discuss your specific marketing needs. Then we will laser focus on the areas where you may be feeling stuck or confused and need some additional support to help move you forward.

At the conclusion of our session you will walk away with a personalized marketing blueprint that you can hand off to an assistant and implement immediately.

To learn more about my program visit my website @

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